New Category: Korea’s Information Society

As some of you who follow this blog already know, I author another blog called   Quite frequently there are posts on that blog that I think might be of interest to people reading this one.  After all, education is one of the major pillars, arguably the most important one, in building an information society.  Education is at the heart of South Korea’s progress over the past three decades in building an information society.

Also, I realize that many university administrators and others in the U.S. education sector are interested in Korea’s rapidly evolving digital media environment.  This nation’s goal of becoming the world’s first ubiquitous society has definite implications for U.S. schools who currently and in the future will recruit Korean students.  The new category, Korea’s Information Society, should help to bolster the existing one on “Recruiting Korean Students.”

Comments and suggestions on this new category are welcome.

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