Expert advocates use of technology in education

The Article in the Korea Herald of December 12, 2010

The president of the Korea Education and Research Information Service (KERIS) advocated the active use of ICT (Information & Communication Technology) in classrooms. It has proven its value so far in improving learning effects, especially in rural areas which formerly experienced a great lack of schools, teachers and other educational contents. The ICT projects led by KERIS included the digital textbooks and the U-learning classroom system, both of which are under test run in Korea.

He said that ICT is not to substitute the role of teachers or of schools but to seek what they could not do. It is nevertheless an effective tool to open up new views and ground, through which teachers and students may discover a whole new perspective of learning. He also said that, as the field of ICT is still relatively new to the world, its impacts may not be as easily predictable, making many reluctant to embrace the idea fully when it comes to education. Korea, with its excellence both in ICT and in education, should offer the world a leading example in what a combination of both may achieve.

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