10 colleges with the most generous financial aid to int’l students

This this article from CBSNews.com lists the ten colleges with the most generous financial aid for international students.  There are other useful links in the article.

When looking at U.S. colleges, financial aid and scholarships are always a major concern for international students.  It’s very important to look at the financial aid that is posted on the websites and informational materials, and to ASK QUESTIONS.  Remember, that sometimes funding is available, but information about that funding is not necessarily easy to find.

Two other tips we hear frequently are 1) to try to ask for more aid after you receive your first financial aid offering (it can’t hurt) and 2) to NEVER stop looking for funding sources.  Even when you are in your senior year of college or your final year of graduate studies, you can still find sources of funding, big or small, that can ease the financial burden on you and your parents.

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