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Universities Are Charging Too Much Money for Little Benefit

The number of four-year universities charging annual tuition fee over W8 million increased from 34 in 2010 to 50 this year (US$1=W1,069). Tuition at public universities rose 0.6 percent over the last year to W4.43 million, and at private universities … Continue reading

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Steps Needed for Korea to Woo More Diverse Foreign Students

Minister of Education, Science and Technology Ahn, Byung-man has stressed the importance of diversifying the nationalities of foreign students coming to Korea for study.  As reported in the Korea Times, Minister Ahn noted that achieving this goal would have several … Continue reading

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“Unqualified” Foreign Students Banned From Government Scholarship Program

The Korean government has sent official notices to Korean embassies around the world mandating them to scrap their customary practice of picking “unqualified” students for the state scholarship program.  The government has often accepted children of foreign ranking government officials … Continue reading

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Office Workers View English as a Deciding Factor in Success

The Chosun Ilbo has an interesting report by the job portal Job Korea of 2,042 salaried workers.   The survey focused on their regrets during the economic recession.  27.2 percent picked poor English skills, 25.1 percent chose lack of professional … Continue reading

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TOEFL Scores no Longer to be Decisive in College Entrance

TOEFL, TOEIC and other English test scores will not be used as major elements in the process of admitting students to universities under the admissions officer system.  As reported in The Korea Times, this is part of new guidelines announced … Continue reading

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Government to Relax Restrictions on Overseas University Campuses

As reported in the Chosun Ilbo today, it will become easier for Korean universities to establish overseas campuses under a government plan to absorb demand for study abroad.  An official said the government will lift restrictions for overseas campuses of … Continue reading

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Student-Teacher Ratio Drops as Korea Ages

Statistics Korea  has released a report showing that the student-to-teacher-ratio in Korean elementary schools dropped below 20 to 1 last year, while the proportion of those aged 65 and over to the entire population rose to 10.7 percent.  As reported … Continue reading

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South Korea’s Continuing Investment in Education

South Korea rose from the ashes of the Korean war to its current status as an advanced, industrialized economy on the strength of hard work and technology development.  However, most analyses of Korea’s development over the past half century point … Continue reading

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Students Trust Hagwon Teachers More than Those in Public Schools

Today’s Joongang Daily has an interesting article summarizing the results of a recent study by the Korean Educational Development Institute (KEDI).  KEDI surveyed 6,600 students at 116 high schools across the country who also attend a hagwon (private institute) and … Continue reading

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Crackdown on Illegal Tutoring Ineffective

The Korea Times is carrying a series of articles on private tutoring in South Korea.  Today’s article focuses on the difficulty of enforcing laws against such tutoring.   According to an official at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, … Continue reading

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